25. Financial investments

There were no significant changes in the Nordzucker Group’s financial investments in the reporting period.

25.1. Companies accounted for using the equity method

In the reporting period, associated companies accounted for using the equity method reported a total result for the period of EUR –965 thousand (previous year: EUR 8 thousand), revenues of EUR 2,051 thousand (previous year: EUR 1,976 thousand), assets of EUR 18,434 thousand (previous year: EUR 17,820 thousand) and liabilities of EUR 13,087 thousand (previous year: EUR 12,546 thousand) in their financial statements.

The share of profit/loss from associated companies attributable to the Nordzucker Group in the reporting period was EUR –483 thousand (previous year: EUR –821 thousand). A loss was reported during the comparative period because an impairment loss of EUR 825 thousand was recognised for one joint venture in addition to its current earnings contribution.

In applying the equity method, losses from an associated company that exceed the carrying amount of the investment or other non-current receivables relating to the financing of the associated company are not recognised as there is no requirement to invest further equity.

In the reporting period, the Nordzucker Group did not receive any dividends for companies accounted for using the equity method.

25.2. Other financial investments

Financial assets in the measurement category ‘Available-for-sale financial assets’ as shown in other financial investments are recognised at the end of the reporting period at fair value or at cost (see Note 3.8).

The shares in Tereos TTD a.s. are disclosed here, despite a stake of 35.38 per cent, because the company’s Articles of Association do not permit the Group to have significant influence over its operating and financial policy.

The Nordzucker Group received dividends of EUR 13,703 thousand in the reporting period (previous year: EUR 4,713 thousand).