Risk management

Behaving entrepreneurially means seizing opportunities and accepting that they entail risks. To identify these risks at an early stage, to evaluate them and manage them consistently, Nordzucker has introduced an integrated system of risk identification and management for the entire Group. This ensures that risks which could jeopardise the company’s business are identified and evaluated at regular intervals. Individual steps to avert, limit or transfer exposure to risks are defined for every risk that is identified. The risk management function discusses at regular intervals the progress made in implementing the defined steps with the managers responsible. Regular risk management reports are made to the Executive Board and Supervisory Board.

All operating and strategic decision-making always takes risk aspects into account. Scenario planning is used to examine the effects different market situations would have on the company’s business, for example. Descriptions of opportunities and risks highlight alternative developments and identify areas where action needs to be taken. Over the course of the year, the Group reporting and controlling system provides all the decision-makers responsible with continuous information on the actual business performance.

Some of the risks are passed on to third parties, such as insurance companies. The scope and amount of insurance coverage is reviewed regularly and adjusted as necessary.