Business activities

Nordzucker is the second largest sugar producer in the European Union, with a market share of more than 15 per cent, as measured by its share of the EU sugar quota. In the past financial year, the company produced 2.5 million tonnes of sugar from sugar beet and refined 200,000 tonnes of sugar from raw cane sugar at 13 sites in seven European countries. On average over the year the Group had 3,279 employees.

Our customers include the confectionery industry as well as producers of dairy and bakery products, jams, ice cream and drinks. Nordzucker sells some 80 per cent of its sugar to manufacturers of food and beverages. The remaining 20 per cent is supplied to consumers via the retail industry. Nordzucker sells these retail sugar products in many different varieties, primarily under the brand names SweetFamily in Germany and Eastern Europe and Dansukker in Northern Europe. The portfolio includes other products of the sugar-making process, especially dried pulp pellets and pressed pulp as animal feed and molasses for the yeast and alcohol industries.

Sustainability, environmental protection and product safety have a particularly high priority at Nordzucker.