Beet cultivation and campaign

Late beet sowing in most cases and changeable weather conditions during the growing period caused some challenges for the sugar beet. Favourable weather in the autumn and good processing conditions during the campaign nonetheless allowed for very good yields, which were only slightly below those of the previous year. The average beet yield for the Group was 63.0 tonnes per hectare (previous year: 65.2 tonnes). The sugar content came to 18.0 per cent (previous year: 17.9 per cent), which represented an average sugar yield of 11.3 tonnes per hectare (previous year: 11.7 tonnes).

Sugar production Nordzucker Group
Sugar production Nordzucker Group (bar chart)

Land under cultivation fell year on year by nine per cent to 241,000 hectares in 2013/2014 as a result of targeted activities. Across the Group during the 2013/2014 campaign, Nordzucker produced 2.5 million tonnes of sugar from beet (previous year: 2.8 million tonnes). The campaign lasted for 106 days (previous year: 125 days).

Average sugar yield Nordzucker
Average sugar yield Nordzucker (bar chart)

Beet processing in the Nordzucker plants mostly went smoothly thanks to targeted investments and forward-looking maintenance. Excellent cooperation between beet deliveries, production and sugar logistics also ensured that the campaign went off smoothly all round.

Group campaign results (graphic)